About me

I have been in the Gaming field for 5 years. I specialize in Unity Engine and C# , Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Photon Networking, Relational databases, PL/SQL. I have the skills to create Augmented Reality applications and 3D and 2D games on Unity Engine, to develop core gameplay mechanics and create multiplayer. I have also developed for Oculus Quest 2. I write clean and documented code.

Games made on Unity:
2D/3D Games, VR/AR Games, Endless Games, Strategy Games, Simulation Games, Casual Games, PC Games, Android Games.

I achieved 1st class honours degree from Glasgow Caledonian University in Computer Games Development.
My most recent job was a project, in which I created for my client a mobile application that uses AR to place pictures or paintings with different frames on walls using Unity Engine and C#. This project was successfully sold and published. I have a lot of experience with different team projects working with people from different nationalities as well as some professional experience using Unity 3D and 2D in games development and mobile applications development.
I have used Photon Networking Solution to develop a fully multiplayer platformer game. I have implemented synchronized: player movement, player attack, an enemy Artificial Intelligence that can patrol on the platform, moving platforms, GUI.
I have another Artificial Intelligence project where I developed agents that can play Texas Hold’em poker on Unity. I understand OOP principles and how to create 3D graphics from scratch using C++ and OpenGL. I have implemented a Reinforcement Learning (artificial intelligence) technique to teach a car agent to drive successfully on unfamiliar racetrack for my honours project in university. I have also created multiple Android games.