Unity Engine

Freelance Project – AR

This was a project I worked on for 3 months during my university last year. In that project I developed Android/IOS application in Unity Engine that uses Augmented Reality to take a painting or a picture from the phone storage. It showcase how this picture will look like on the client’s wall with some of the provided frames. The application let the the customer to resize the picture as much as they like in any direction.

  • Working as a software developer on a mobile AR application created from scratch with Unity Engine and C#.
  • Developing a game like application to allow the user to place a painting on their wall and preview it using AR.
  • Developing on Unity Engine.
  • Responsible for the whole application.
  • Working in an international team.
  • Developing C# scripts for the features in the application.
  • Implementing User Interface.

Car Racing Artificial Intelligence – Honours Project

My project was to teach artificial intelligence agents to successfully drive a car in a car racing simulation without colliding with walls. The project is using Unity Machine Learning Agents with Reinforcement Learning and Proximal Policy Optimization. The game has a car which is controlled using Physics controller and Wheel Colliders. The performance of the algorithm was evaluated and it showed that the car can learn to drive on the training track as well as on a track which it had never seen before.

Texas Hold’em Poker Artificial Intelligence

working AI for Texas Hold’em Poker Game. The game was created on Unity using C# scripts. I used Decision Making AI technique to make the AI decide if they are going to:

  • Check,
  • Call or
  • Fold

    The AI calculates their hand strength and the probability to improve their hand until the end of the round and based on that they make their decision. The game has been made from scratch.

You can download the game here:

Dragon Warrior Mayhem – Multiplayer Platformer

The game was created for Games Network Programming assignment in Glasgow Caledonian University.
I have used Photon Networking Solution to develop a fully multiplayer platformer game. I have implemented:

  • synchronized player movement
  • player attack
  • an enemy Artificial Intelligence that can patrol on the platform
  • moving platforms
  • GUI

Ashes 2 ashes

Co-op Adventure puzzle game made for university group project. We were two programmers and we split the work on the game 50/50. The game was made on Unity using C#. I have created mechanics such as Player movement, Player jumping on the shoulder of the other player, switches, picking up items and so on.

  • Main programmer, developing 2D and 3D gameplay mechanics and UI.
  • Assisted the designer to create a fun interactive game.

Download the game here:

Lode Runner – Remake

I had the task to make a game similar to the popular Lode Runner, but an updated version for Android. The game itself is a puzzle game in which the player has to collect all the coins and reach the next level. I was doing that project alone so all the art is an unity free asset. The game contains:

  • joystick controller for Android
  • on-touch mechanic to break blocks that are under on the side of the player,
  • trapping enemies
  • mechanic that allows the player to change the color of the bricks in each level
  • artificial intelligence using seek behavior

    I have learnt how to develop games for Android using Unity Engine and how to create movement mechanics for Android.